Brenda Pond is known to be the Founder of FindersPage.  She was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised at her parent's ranch in Texas until her teens. She is of Indigenous descent, including (Coahuiltecan) and Wales, England ancestry. Later in life, she ventured off to explore the world. She's always been an entrepreneur at heart. She is a  Reiki Master Teacher, spiritual leader, mentor, and now the creator of FindersPage.  She didn't come from a rich family where everything was just handed down to her.  She grew up fast, yet humbled.  It wasn't easy for her, but eventually found her niche in life.  With the experiences she encountered growing up she blossomed and grew up to be the beautiful individual she has become now. She can relate with humanity and the struggles they have endured. She finds the positive in everything. Brenda believes we are here on Earth to reach our fullest potential. It's important to take care of our souls holistically; meeting every part with compassion and love. Together we can rise to live a life full of balance and joy. We learn and grow from our experiences to become better human beings.


"Based on my upbringings and experiences I've encountered I'm able to give back to help humanity in all walks of life through my career. Making a difference one day at a time. I Reclaim my throne and rule my Empire as a Fierce Feminine Leader." 


Brenda is currently in Los Angeles, CA, continuing to be a vessel.  She is grateful for life and her loved ones close to her.  

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"Brenda Pond Surprised Us Again With A New Venture"

-Grey Journal


"Entrepreneurial spirit Brenda Pond debuts new company"

-The Lifestyle Republic



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